Raspberry Pi interface/carrier board

Imagine safely and reliably sensing and switching 5-60 VDC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC loads with a Raspberry Pi. Well, now you can!
With Opto 22's Digital I/O Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi, your Pi can harness the power and performance of worldclass, industrially hardened digital input/output (I/O) modules.
Use your Pi to switch industrial-level electrical loads far beyond the Pi's built in 3.3 VDC GPIO pins, and monitor and control electrical loads required for real-world devices like industrial motors, pumps, and sensors.
The Carrier Board works with any model Pi with a 40-pin header connector. Just insert the board’s interface cable into your Pi's GPIO connector, and snap the board onto a compatible Opto 22 rack. Use the rack's power supply to power the Pi, and then use your favorite Pi-supported programming language to read and write to up to 16 digital I/O points. (Mounting rack, power supply, and I/O modules are sold separately.)
Also, the Carrier Board’s auxiliary 40-pin GPIO connector lets other Pi-compatible peripherals access the Pi’s unused pins.


  • Provides a GPIO interface between a Raspberry Pi® and digital I/O modules on select Opto 22 mounting racks
  • Perfect for prototyping, proofs of concept, and environments in which an industrially hardened controller isn’t required
  • Auxiliary 40-pin connector supports HAT add-on boards using UART, SPI, or I2C
  • Includes interface cable, Pi board mounting standoffs, and spare fuses for mounting racks
  • Code samples available at developer.opto22.com

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