Industrial PC Enclosures

Our selection of industrial PC enclosures includes a durable steel case that provides protection in industrial environments to all of the hardware components.

The steel case is quickly opened for painless access to all computer workstation components for easy maintenance. 


Industrial PC Enclosures are applied in industrial environments.

Available product features 

  • 100W – 400W (redundant) PSU
  • 1-3 cooling fans (6cm and/ or12cm)
  • 19" 4U high, rackmount chassis compliant to EIA RS-310C 
  • 2.5", 3.5” and/or 5,25” spaces, internal and/or external
  • 3 - 20 slots space for backplane
  • Detachable card cage for easy installation and maintenance
  • Dual lockable latch doors
  • FCC/CE industrial Class A approval
  • System environmental monitor 
  • With height adjustable anti-vibration crowbar securing plug-in 

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