Extreme Embedded Industrial PC's

The tightly integrated design intimately combines the electrical, thermal and mechanical components into a complete system with no compromise to any one segment. The platform operates equally well under a Windows® or Linux environment.


Extreme Embedded Industrial PC’s can be used as a central server, a stand-alone CPU, or a remote terminal. They are ideal for applications in transportation, weighing equipment, security, military, communications, distributed control, point–of–sale, ticketing machines and other similar environments.

Industrial Embedded PC’s excel in applications for bulkhead mounting on military equipment and heavy machinery.

Available product features 

  • A variety of hardware specifications are possible.
  • Built–in power supply with five–to–one input range   and dependable protection from transients, reverse voltage and critical brown–out.
  • Fast and easy to deploy in the harshest of environments.
  • Mil-spec connectors.
  • Operating temperatures of -40C to -85C.


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