Professional Dedicated Industrial PC's

One of Mulder-Hardenberg’s business relations develops, builds and supplies equipment which checks for manufacturing defects in end products. Our business relation’s specific knowledge lies primarily in inspections using camera systems. The company has aimed at digital image processing in the agricultural, medical and pharmaceutical industry over the years. Recently however the emphasis has been more and more on the quality control of textiles.

The Challenge

The company wants to concentrate entirely on what they see as their core activity: building and designing machines for the quality control of end products. These machines will be ‘custom-developed’ for specific customers.

All systems are completely automated and as a consequence are driven by computers. Our business relation wants however as little as possible to do with the hardware needed. That applies to the development of the industrial PCs, the construction, the delivery and the maintenance. Moreover the specific requirements set for an IPC differ per project.

Every project can require a different version of the computer system which must also be modified in between depending on the customer’s demands. Therefore the company will also leave the responsibility for the guaranteed delivery of components and eventual modifications to the system to an external party.

The Solution

The responsibility of the external supplier is huge. After all our business relation makes promises to his customer and places the responsibility for the computer system functioning correctly into the hands of a third party. That also applies to the questions from customer in question and any problems arising.

But still Mulder-Hardenberg takes up the challenge, on the basis of previous deliveries of IPC systems to the company and the reciprocal confidence that has arisen.
Along with the delivery of the equipment M-H keeps an eye on the availability of the basic components, purchases safety stock when needed and introduces new hardware configurations for the company’s future projects.

The Implementation

Mulder-Hardenberg, in close collaboration with customer and potential suppliers, has drawn up a specification and taken care of the purchase of the necessary equipment and components. Our technicians then built and tested the systems. All the equipment has been delivered and implemented under the set conditions and configurations and within the set period. M-H has also taken care of the additional hardware and all the accompanying licences. The demands of the company mainly involved the consistent execution of the construction of the system. That point also received the necessary attention.

The result

Mulder-Hardenberg already supplied IPC systems to the business relation. The current project is of a continuous nature. On the basis of the confidence shown, the company is considering bringing in M-H for other projects.

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