News Mailers

Year Month Subject Items
2018 March Announcement groov EPIC
  1. The first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller!
2018 March Stubby Tools, Power Supplies & Enclosures
  1. Stubby VDE Slim Screwdriver PZ2
  2. New range DC-DC converters
  3. New smaller sizes ABS plastic enclosures
2018 February UHD Fiber Solutions, Sensor Gateways, Fiber Ducting
  1. Ultra High Density 2U Chassis
  2. Wireless Temperature Sensor & Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor Gateway
  3. Unique Cable Management solution
2018 January Panel Mount Printers, Audio Navigation & Rugged Displays
  1. High speed quality printing from compact Panel Mount Printers
  2. Choosing the right data entry device is not difficult
  3. Various monitors, challenging requirements
2018 January Rack Power, DIN Rail Enclosures & IP Connectors
  1. LAN option provides communication interface for rack mount power supply series
  2. New dual height DIN-Rail enclosure for process control and factory automation
  3. USB 3.0 Connectors for use in harsh environments
2017 December 600mm Duct, Loop Back Connector, Partnership FibreFab
  1. NEW! 600mm wide Halogen free Fiber Optic Ducts
  2. LC and SC Loopback Connector with case
  3. Mulder-Hardenberg signs partnership agreement with FibreFab
2017 November

Cloud Router, Industrial Keyboards

  1. The new IXrouter3, also available with Wi-Fi
  2. Industrial Silicone Keyboard with Mouse Button any many options
  3. Vandal resistant. Weather resistant. Accessible.
2017 November New Reed Relay, Power Supply and Fans
  1. Micro-SIL Reed Relay for High Voltage Applications
  2. New 50W - 150W High Density Power Modules
  3. New Fans for a breath of fresh air
2017 October

Busways, Switches, Fire Control and our Calendar!

  1. S-Series Busway Systems gives you complete POWER!
  2. New Hirschmann GECKO 5TX Industrial Ethernet Switch
  3. Single Pathway installation through floors and walls with existing cables
2017 October Customised access control, Honeywell TDC 3000, Touchpads
  1. Keypads for applications with disabled users
  2. Extending service life of Honeywell TDC 3000
  3. Touchpads developed for industrial or hygienic applications
2017 September Coax Connectors, Field attachable Connectors & Power Supplies
  1. Custom Coaxial Connectors
  2. Connectors overmoulded with plastic coupling screw/nut
  3. New 35W triple output power supply: CUT35 & the 75W CUT75
  4. Save the date for the IT Room Infra 2017
2017 September Datacentre PDU, LAN access point, Cord storage panel
  1. Prevent downtime due to PDU failure
  2. LAN Access Point transmit wireless data at speeds up to 867 Mbit/s
  3. Clever 2U Patch Cord Storage Panel
  4. IT Infrastructure Datacenters Event 2017

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