News Mailers

Year Month Subject Items
2018 May Cooling, Connect and Power
  1. Looking for Fans?
  2. Overmoulded Superseal Connector series provides optimum protection in harsh environments
  3. Industrial grade 120W DC-DC converters - 4:1 input range
2018 May Busway system, Power Distribution & LAN Access point
  1. Unique Fiber Optic Raceway System for optimum performance and excellent cable management
  2. Keep on top of your business power needs - re-think power monitoring
  3. Industrial WLAN Access Points
2018 April Ruggedised Displays, Opto22 event
  1. Fire load and Smoke-optimized large screen Monitor
  2. Opto22 launches the first Edge-programmable industrial controller in Amsterdam
  3. Tough Displays for Extreme Environments
  4. World of Technology & Science 2018 (WoTS)
2018 March Relays 4mm2 Footprint, Power Supply & Printing
  1. World's Smallest Footprint Relay
  2. New 2W and 4W encapsulated AC-DC power supplies
  3. New, highly accurate industrial label printer
2018 March Magnum Router, 1728 Fibers in 2.2cm!
  1. New data centre cable, fibre inspection probe
  2. Two-in-one Router solution
2018 March Announcement groov EPIC
  1. The first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller!
2018 March Stubby Tools, Power Supplies & Enclosures
  1. Stubby VDE Slim Screwdriver PZ2
  2. New range DC-DC converters
  3. New smaller sizes ABS plastic enclosures
2018 February Swap for more!
  1. Brady labelling and identification special
2018 February UHD Fiber Solutions, Sensor Gateways, Fiber Ducting
  1. Ultra High Density 2U Chassis
  2. Wireless Temperature Sensor & Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor Gateway
  3. Unique Cable Management solution
2018 January Panel Mount Printers, Audio Navigation & Rugged Displays
  1. High speed quality printing from compact Panel Mount Printers
  2. Choosing the right data entry device is not difficult
  3. Various monitors, challenging requirements
2018 January Rack Power, DIN Rail Enclosures & IP Connectors
  1. LAN option provides communication interface for rack mount power supply series
  2. New dual height DIN-Rail enclosure for process control and factory automation
  3. USB 3.0 Connectors for use in harsh environments

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